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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Time off School during Term Time

Due to amendments to the 2006 Education Regulations, Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Requests for absence due to exceptional circumstances should be submitted to the School Office in writing using the form below.  Paper copies of the form are also kept in the wall pockets in reception.

Each request will be considered individually taking account of factors, such as:

  • Personal circumstances for the request
  • Age of pupil
  • Overall attendance of pupil 
  • The time of year for the proposed absence and whether it impacts on specific curricular issues e.g. tests/exams
  • The child’s stage of education and their progress
  • An assessment of the impact that missing out on learning will have on the individual child

The following reasons are not exceptional and should not be authorised:

  • availability of cheap holidays
  • availability of desired accommodation
  • overlap with beginning/end of term.

There is no automatic right to any time off school at all for a holiday.

Term time absence request form