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Athletics at Deer Park Nov 2017 (2 images)

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Girls Football Festival Oct 2017 (4 images)

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Cross Country Oct 2017 (8 images)

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On Tuesday 10th October we took 6 teams to the Team Cross Country event at Kingshill School. It was a great event and all teams took part with a fantastic attitude, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship. Our teams did really well, achieving a fourth position, a silver position and four gold positions. Well done Team Powell's!


Review on Cross Country

The P.E. at Powell's is amazing, but best of all are the super fun special events.  This year on the 10th October 2017 it was Team Cross Country! We took Year 4, 5 and 6 with 8 pupils (4 girls and 4 boys) from each Year Group. It was so much fun! The Y4 girls came 1st and each got a gold medal.  The Y4 boys just missed getting a medal and came 4th. The Y5 girls achieved an amazing 2nd place each, gaining a silver medal.  The Y5 boys came 1st with a gold medal to take home.  Both boys and girls from year 6 got a gold medal.

 By Megan and Daisy








At Powell's we have recently been awarded the Gold Games Mark. This award is a reflection of high quality PE lessons being taught in school and the passion and commitment of both staff and pupils. The government's commitment to provide additional funding for Primary School PE means that we can now look to further develop and enhance the experiences of our children here at Powell's.


Following our self- evaluation for the Year 16-17 including subject reviews, pupil conferencing, staff and parent feedback and analysis of data, we have identified our next steps and developed our action plan for the curriculum year 2017-2018. Our next steps reflect the five key outcomes outlined by OFSTED:


  1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- kick starting active healthy lifestyles
  2. The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and Sport
  4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  5. Increased participation in competitive sport


For the year 17/18 Powell's school will receive £20220. 



June 2017 - Panathlon 



 'Congratulations to the KS2 team who attended the Panathlon at Stratford Park in Stroud on Monday the 19th June. The children all worked very well as a team and all won a medal, coming runners up. Well done team!'



March 2017 - Gym


 Bronze Team Medallists from the Key Steps County Final in Gloucester, including Megan who was a Silver      Overall Gymnast and Daisy who was a Bronze Overall Gymnast.  A Fantastic Team overall!