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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School


Our roots go back to 1714 in the funding of the Blue School for Boys, followed in 1722 by the Yellow School for Girls. The amalgamation of the two in 1876 saw the foundation of Powell’s School. Being an “Aided” School means that the Foundation Governors hold a majority on the Board of Governors and that we have close links with the Diocesan Board of Education. Their assistance is invaluable in supporting the teaching of RE and Worship, and in providing advice and financial aid towards the maintenance of existing buildings and grants for any new construction in the future. The school enjoys close links with the Parish Church whose influence greatly effects our ethos at Powell's. 


Our School Badge

The Cross reminds us of our belief and faith.

The Blue and Yellow colours remind us of the early history of our school and our foundation in the Blue School and Yellow School in the 18th Century.

The name of our school reminds us of Rebecca Powell who helped lay the foundations for much of the educational endeavour in Cirencester.