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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School


The school has a ‘house’ system and children are placed in one of the four houses when they enter the school. House points are awarded for good behaviour and kindness as well as effort and attainment in work. To complement house points, we also have a range of stickers to provide an ‘instant’ reward to pupils and a weekly celebration assembly.


We take attendance and punctuality extremely seriously.  If your child is absent from school please let us know before registration at 8.50am so that we can authorise the absence in our register. We are now required by law to publish all unauthorised absences and we cannot authorise them unless we have a note, a phone call or a verbal message from an adult. If we have not heard from you we will contact the parent/carer of any child in Y5 and Y6 to ensure their whereabouts and safety.

We are only allowed to authorise certain categories of absence. If your child is genuinely ill then this is authorised. If you go on holiday during term time you must notify the Head in writing via the School Office as soon as you know the dates of your intended holiday.  Holidays during term time must be authorised by the Head Teacher.  Please remember that your child will miss valuable work if away during term time and requests may well be unauthorised.