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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Year 5 Syrius Astronomy

On Monday Y5 had a visit from Sirius astronomy (a company who do science about space and make it really fun). It was incredible! They let us do experiments about space; they taught us so much about the Solar System by letting us be creative and it made science even more fun.

We did an experiment where three of us went to the front and put water into three containers. One was filled full; one-half full and one only had a “smidgen” of water in. In each one, we put a Vitamin C tablet, then put the lid on and turned them upside-down. Mine barely had any water, so it had more room for the gas and it got so much momentum that it flew up and hit the ceiling.

We learnt that there are several larger stars than the Sun, and that our Sun would be microscopic compared to some of the stars.

I found it all unbelievable and I really like the fact that they interacted with us. This day was amazing –I love our topic on space - and this made me love it even more. We all enjoyed the “disgusting” facts too.

Thank you to FOP as this day was funded by our cake bake money.

By Emma Deakin and Artur Fonseca


When Sirius astronomy came to visit us, it made science much more interesting and fun to learn. The highlight of the day was when we learnt about all the living things that went up into space like the Alberts and the dogs.

Everyone enjoyed it when we learnt about how rockets are fuelled and we noticed that everyone’s eyes were glued to the jet of fire and their mouths were agape. Molly and Robin got to dress up as astronauts and their helmets steamed up.

Most people were disgusted when Paul (the person from Sirius astronomy) told us what would happen if you did not wear a space suit in space – you will expand and your blood will boil.

Overall, Monday was by far the best Monday of 2020. Class 11 enjoyed it so much that they would love to have Sirius over again.

Thank you to FOP for letting us have the most wonderful and magnificent day ever.

By Molly Rose and Bayly Robertson