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Maths is fun!

Maths is Fun-

Monthly Activity

If your child would like to take part on our new “Maths is Fun” series of activities, that would be fantastic. It would be even better if you would like to participate with them.

Each month there will be a different activity to try and anyone is welcome to join in. Please send in your entries by the end of March (for this first fun-filled activity) to your class teacher. They will share the ideas with the others in the class and select one to go on our new school display.

Entry is entirely voluntary, but please encourage your child to participate. The activity is the same for everyone, but older children will be able to challenge themselves by finding different patterns or ways to display their answers.

You can always add photographs of things you see around you which are connected to this activity, or of things you have made at home. Each person will be limited to one A4 sheet of paper for their final entry, so that we will have enough room to display lots of entries.

Here is our inaugural challenge:

Activity 1                                                                                        

The answer is 6…                                                                   

How many different ways can you make six?                                   

These could be number statements, photographs of the number 6 in nature, drawings involving hexagons or indeed any other shapes… so many possibilities.

Did you know that 6 is the first perfect number (because the sum of its factors add up to the number itself:       1+2 +3 = 6)


Go on – be creative and have fun.

Maths is Fun!