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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Football Fans Play for Powells

On Monday the 23rd of September 2019, Powell’s primary took 4 teams, Year 5 and 6, to Deer Park school to take part in a football tournament, playing against many different schools.

The weather conditions were atrocious, but this did not lower our spirits. A member of the Powell’s A team who achieved 2nd place spoke to us. “I enjoyed playing in goal and the whole tournament was a lot of fun apart from the weather - I thought it was great to show what I could do,” Edward Simpson later summarised.

Each match was 15 minutes long, but two teams were left out for a match, and the four Powell’s teams rotated captains every game. Ed Yarrow (Yellow team) quoted after the tournament that it was really fun and a great opportunity to practice captaining a team and testing out what position you prefer playing in.

Every game was refereed by Deer Park students, and the start was indicated by an air horn. George Baker (another member of the A team) concluded,” I thought that even though it was pouring down with rain, we played well and took second place and that was amazing.”

We think, judging by the quotes, that on the whole, everyone really enjoyed it. Hopefully our football players will carry on with their hobby and keep participating in events like this one.


By Daniel Coe and Ed Yarrow,  Yr 6 students who went to the tournament.