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Doctor Tom’s Visit

At the beginning of December Powell’s school was incredibly lucky to have a scientist come in and talk to us. He told us about all the powers inside your body. These are: emerald, diamond and ruby power. It was very interesting and will help us to become great scientists ourselves.

Emerald power is where you are presented with a challenge and you have the nerve to tackle a difficult problem. You are willing to step over the edge, pushing yourself which makes you learn more rather than being comfortable and sticking with what you already know. The important thing is that if you make a mistake you do not moan or whine. He played a really hard game with us. The game was to memorize a really tough sentence and read it out loud. At the end of your speech you had to guess how many mistakes you made and then how many times you moaned or whined and if you didn’t do any of that you got two (pretend) emeralds.

Another power, diamond, is where you have small problems which you can answer yourself instead of asking an adult for help. In our class we have a diamond power chart and there are lots of problems on it which we could solve ourselves without the help of the teacher.

Ruby power is to make people feel good by either smiling or giving them a compliment. This then makes you feel good about yourself.

It was an exciting and fabulous experience that has inspired everybody involved.  

Robert Peck Class 13


Danger at ST. Magnets


On Wednesday 3rd February 2016 Powell’s school witnessed the hilarious production called Danger at St. Magnets. It taught everyone a lot in a sing song fashion. They even, with safety precautions, did experiments with a Bunsen burner! The put a bi-metallic strip under safe levels of heat and it started to curl right in front of our eyes. They made a metal hoop expand and saved the school from a boiler explosion! A truly mesmerising moment as we explored the wonders of science through a drama/comedy. We looked at magnets, different metals and how they react with oxygen and whether or not a material was manmade or natural. We will all remember this and it could never have happened if it weren’t for our greatest allies, The Friends of Powell’s who funded the whole thing. It’s amazing to think that only two people manned the whole production. I wish every science lesson could be so jam packed with facts and fun.    


By Jacob Robinson

Age 11

Class 14