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Science at Powell’s

At Powell’s, we aim to develop attitudes of curiosity and the motivation to find the answer to the question ‘why?’. We encourage children to adopt an investigative and questioning approach to enhance and extend their scientific knowledge. We want children to always be seeking answers and not to just look for the “right” one. We encourage children’s independence in drawing conclusions based upon their observations. We aim to develop the scientists of the future.

Every Year Group takes part in 2 hours of Science each week covering different topics throughout the year.  We follow the National Curriculum Objectives throughout the school and children will revisit topics many times during their time with us progressing and building on the knowledge and skills they have previously learnt and acquired. They will also develop their Working Scientifically Skills and these along with their knowledge are assessed at the end of each scientific topic. The use of mathematical and literacy skills are interweaved into most science lessons and where possible we organise scientific topics so that they link with the history/geography topic the children are studying. We ensure that all children, regardless of their ability, can access the science curriculum either by supplying them with necessary scaffolding or stretching their understanding through deep questioning.

We are very fortunate at Powell’s to have such beautiful grounds and wherever possible we use this natural resource to enhance their scientific learning. For example: Early Years take part in regular Welly Walks; KS1 find evidence of Seasonal Changes across the year and all children studying the topic of Living Things and their habitats can get some first-hand experience.

Children from each year group take part in a series of Forest School sessions each year which enables them to develop their scientific skills and knowledge through experience of the natural environment.

We take every opportunity to develop the children’s Science Capital by providing enrichment activities wherever possible. This can be in the form of after school clubs, trips or external visitors. At the start of each topic, children in KS2 are provided with a Knowledge Organiser with information including things they should already know, specific vocabulary and things they will be learning.  Wherever possible we introduce the children to a famous scientist to help extend their Science Capital and ensure that all children are exposed to a wealth of scientific vocabulary.

Each month, children in Years 4, 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to further develop their knowledge of the world around them by researching a piece of news (either geography or science related) and producing a piece of homework to explain the article and their thoughts about it.

Last year we took part in the Primary Science Quality Mark in order to raise the profile of science throughout the school. This looked at 4 areas: Science Leadership, Science Teaching, Science Learning and Wider Opportunities. We assessed the school against the criteria for each of these areas and worked on the areas which required improvement. We are delighted to say that we met the criteria and have been awarded the Science Mark and it has been inspiring to feel a real buzz and sense of excitement about science throughout the school.

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