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Science at Powell’s

At Powell’s, we aim to develop children’s natural curiosity and the motivation to find the answer to the question ‘why?’. We encourage children to adopt an investigative and questioning approach to enhance and extend their scientific knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We want children to always be seeking answers and not to just look for the “right” one. We encourage children’s independence to ask questions and draw conclusions based upon their observations. Our goal is to develop resilient learners, with a love for science, who could go on to become the scientists of the future.

In Early Years, children begin developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world through first hand observations and experiences.  This is taught through direct teaching, Continuous and enhanced provision and ‘Welly Walks’ around our extensive grounds and forest school.

In Year 1 Science is taught through Quality First Teaching as a whole class input.  These inputs include investigative work and acquisition of knowledge.  The knowledge/skills they have been taught are then supported by a challenge the following week to begin to embed and develop it.  Through continuous provision the skills and knowledge from the National Curriculum are constantly being embedded and revisited over the year.

In Year 2 and KS2, science is taught as a discrete subject (covering different topics throughout the year) for up to two hours a week. There are many cross curricular links with other subjects, including literacy where a wide range of quality texts and stories are used to support the science curriculum.  Mathematical skills are applied through science lessons and where possible we organise topics so that they link with other subjects the children are studying.

Lessons are carefully planned, using a wide range of resources to follow the National Curriculum Objectives. Children will revisit topics many times during their years with us progressing and building on the knowledge and skills they have previously learnt and acquired.

At the start of each topic, children in Year 2 and KS2 are provided with a Knowledge Organiser to support their learning. This provides children with key information and vocabulary specific to the unit of work.

They will also be given the opportunity to develop their enquiry skills through working scientifically. These skills in addition to knowledge are assessed at the end of each scientific topic.

We ensure that children of all abilities can access the science curriculum and reach their full potential. Those with additional learning needs are supported through carefully chosen resources, scaffolding and a range of ways to record their work. We extend children learning at a greater depth through deep questioning and higher vocabulary.


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