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Music at Powells

At Powell’s, we have always viewed music as a vital and exciting part of school life, both within the delivery of the school curriculum and as a hugely important area of our school extra-curricular opportunities. Music plays a fundamental role in the day to day life of our school – particularly in our school assemblies (where we sing together) and in our commitment to the local community. We have a dedicated music and drama hall with an excellent collection of classroom instruments and keyboards.

At Powell’s we believe that music is for every child and we work hard to continue developing new musical avenues and opportunities to ensure that all our children can access and enjoy this life-enhancing area of the arts. 

Each class has a weekly dedicated music lesson, throughout the year, in which they explore the following areas:


KS 1

  • Sing songs, chants and rhymes
  • Play tuned and untuned classroom instruments
  • Listen to and appraise a wide range of music from different genres, cultures and periods
  • Combine sounds to create music


KS 2

  • Sing, play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts
  • Improvise and compose music for a range of purposes, including the use of music technology
  • Use and understand staff notation
  • Develop an aural memory for rhythm and pitch
  • Appreciate and understand a wide range of music drawn from different traditions, composers and musicians
  • Begin to develop an understanding of the history of music


All our children have opportunities to perform in school concerts, class assemblies, productions and services.

Please see our Music Extra-Curricular / Instrumental Lessons page for further information concerning the many musical opportunities at Powell’s.