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History at Powells

At Powell’s, it is clear the importance and value we attach to learning History and to developing the children as young historians.  We ensure continuity and progression in terms of subject knowledge, skills application and the development of appropriate attitudes and values. The aim of teaching History at our school is to introduce an enjoyment and an appreciation of the past whilst developing the historical knowledge of the children. We use the Collins scheme written by David Wetherley, who we have worked closely with. During History lessons at Powell’s, the children are encouraged to delve into the past and seek out the clues that artefacts and other sources can give us. This enables them to about the past and the specific period of time they are studying. The curriculum is carefully designed to engage the children with History using a hands-on approach. The teaching comes in many forms including plenty of opportunities for pupils to work as individuals, in pairs and in groups.  Discussion and insightful questioning is promoted so pupils clarify their thinking.  The children learn through the study of historical sources such as artefacts, pictures and paintings, diaries, videos, drama and ICT along with visits to museums and local sites.  Pupils at Powell’s enjoy special historical themed weeks, such as Abbey 900 and Remembrance Week, alongside history days for specific year groups such as Roman Day and Viking Day. These events ignite the children’s passion for history and they see the subject come alive.

The children are also encouraged to make links to other topics for example religion, culture and beliefs. Making links helps the children gain an understanding of where they come from and who they are. It gives our children the skills to understand a sense of time and place. Bringing History into the core subjects is also a large focus at Powell’s. The children are encouraged to use their Historical skills and Literacy skills together to create outcomes, such as newspaper reports on the World War, diary entries during the Plague and historical stories set in Roman times.

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