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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School


At Powell’s School, Geography follows the 2014 National Curriculum requirements. We believe that children are naturally curious and encourage them to ask questions about their learning, the world around them, and the people who inhabit different places.  To achieve this, we ensure that the children’s learning develops their contextual knowledge as well as geographical skills.  All our topics have an overarching question to inspire the children, and provide a rich and stimulating curriculum for all children. We ensure that there is continuity and progression in terms of subject knowledge, skills application and the development of appropriate attitudes and values. The children are also encouraged to make links to other topics for example religion, culture and beliefs.  Making links helps the children gain a better sense of the world around them

In KS1, the children begin to learn about the location of the continents and oceans; as well as the location of the countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities. The context of their learning focuses on local areas, around school and the town of Cirencester, as well as other places in the UK.

During KS2, the children expand their knowledge and understanding, by looking at more distant places around the world including; Europe, North and South America. Their learning focuses not only on the human aspects of our planet; but also on the physical and environmental aspects as well.

All children have access to outdoor learning in geography, using our school grounds and the local area, as well as trips further afield and as part of some of our residential trips. 


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