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French - Subject lead Gabriel Thomas

French at Powell's


We believe that young children should have the opportunity to explore and communicate in another language, broadening horizons to cultures beyond their own, whilst gaining an insight into the ways in which language works.

An energetic and successful early foreign language experience not only helps to develop the self-esteem of children at Powell’s as linguists, but also provides motivation for future language learning. We intend that the children at Powell’s School will feel inspired, prepared, and able to continue studying languages far beyond key stage 2. We encourage positive attitudes towards other languages by harnessing children’s wonderful enthusiasm for learning French, whilst still at a primary school age.

French Programme of Study

The Powell’s French Scheme of Work for French language learning has been written with our children in mind and is informed by the current DfE National Curriculum Programme of Study. It provides specific, essential linguistic skills in French but importantly, it also aims to allow children to develop the building blocks and good habits for future foreign language learning and acquisition.   Several units for each year group are tied in with the Language Angels learning resource so that children may access further practice online, at home.   

Each KS2 class has a weekly, dedicated French lesson throughout the year, where they have the opportunity to develop their skills and linguistic knowledge through speaking, listening and writing activities, games and songs, in a range of familiar contexts.


In particular they will:     


  • Develop listening skills, joining in and responding to a range of voices
  • Sing, chant and recite French songs, stories and rhymes, exploring the sounds and patterns of language.
  • Develop and practise clear pronunciation by imitation, repetition, paired-work and group work
  • Engage in conversations, speaking in sentences using familiar vocabulary; for example in role-play.
  • Present ideas and information orally to a range of audiences
  • Read carefully and write sentences, learning to link the written and spoken forms of familiar words and phrases.
  • Gain an understanding of basic grammar, which will help to lay a solid foundation for further study
  • Integrate French into everyday classroom routines
  • Begin to learn about the geography and culture of France and to gain an awareness of other Francophone countries, across several continents





We use an extensive range of resources including Language Angels, Early Start French, Français-Français, Singing French, Take 10 En Français and BBC Primary French. We also use authentic French story books and bi-lingual dictionaries in class, as well as encouraging children to use reliable online dictionaries such as the

Word Reference Webpage 

Children are given a Learning Organiser at the start of each new unit, which they use as a reference to the target language, grammar and sounds.

Our aim is to engage all children through the enjoyment of a truly wide variety of activities and approaches, so that they gain confidence in their ability to write in French and to speak in front of an audience. They will leave Powell’s as young linguists, looking forward to continuing an exploration of language learning at secondary school.

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