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Art and design at Powells

The curriculum aims to teach children various artistic and design skills while at the same time allowing them to express themselves and their own creative style. Throughout the key Stages they will learn to develop their skills in drawing, painting, printing and sculpture as well as other art, craft and design techniques. We place emphasis on the use of first-hand experience, experimentation and development of ideas and skills based on a wide range of stimuli. The quality of the first-hand experience is extremely important.

Art and design helps pupils develop their creative thinking as well as challenge and inspire them to come up with and invent their own works of art. As well as creating, they will be encouraged to evaluate and analyse their own work and that of others, including learning about a range of artists and the historical and cultural significance and development of their art forms.

Each year throughout their time at Powells, pupils will take an in depth look at 3 artists or crafts people as well as referencing various artists of note throughout the year depending on the area of study. As the pupils develop as artists they will learn to use a range of different mediums and materials to express their own designs and creative ideas, and will develop the use of a sketchbook to plan ideas from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Art, craft and design provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. It is especially important to all learners and their ability to express themselves.

We aim to make art and design stimulating, engaging and an integral part of pupil’s education, often linking in with topic work and other areas of the curriculum to give purpose and relevance to their work.

Whole School Art Curriculum Overview

Knowledge and Skills Progression in Art

Powells Art Vocabulary

Art Projects

At the beginning of Autumn term 2020 the children read  ‘We are together’ by Brittany Teckentrup. This book emphasises how we are all better and stronger when we stand together as a team. From this the children drew themselves and all their pictures have been put together on a display in the Music and Drama Hall. 

 Art in school 2021