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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Eco Warriors

Powell’s Eco Warriors are a group of 12 children – one chosen from each class (years 1-6). Each year, children are elected by their peers based on a presentation given to the class where they outline why they should be an Eco Warrior.

Our 2022 Eco Warrior Team


What do our Eco Warriors do?

Our Eco Warriors meet regularly with Miss Borwick to discuss ways of improving our school to make it more environmentally friendly. The Eco Warriors have opportunities to share their ideas as well as influence decisions that are made and then feedback important information to their class.

Each week, the Eco Warriors are in charge of sorting the school’s paper recycling and litter picking around the school.

Our latest achievement:

At the end of last term, the Eco Warriors completed a series of pledges to help the environment and gain their Blue Peter Green Badge. They had to choose one pledge from each category: Power, Plastic and Plants. Additionally, as a group, they had to complete a supersized pledge, which required them to turn off lights and devices when leaving the classroom. After completing their pledges for at least 2 weeks, they all created a piece of artwork that symbolised how important it is to make positive changes that will save our planet. In Gold Book, the children were awarded their badges and became Climate Heroes!







Previous Eco Warrior achievements: